"Wood to Burn" is about a basic kind of living that keeps us close to the realities of life and death. It's about being closer to the struggle of fulfilling our basic needs and having that struggle take up a substantial part of our day. There is something very alluring to that way of living for me that is hard to define... A sense of connection, perhaps, to what is real and concrete and uncomplicated... A sense of really being alive or knowing you're alive because another day's coming will be in direct relation to your own actions. It's a place and time when we save our own lives everyday and there is no backup plan. If there are other to depend on, they depend on you as well, in a deepest, most fundamental sense of community. It's a place where water is for drinking, food is never wasted, shelter is handmade, and the purpose of wood is building and burning.  The photos gathered here evoke these feelings in me.