A rooted flow

I'm so excited by a new project I am undertaking with my very favorite project buddy, and wonderful friend, Cory Janiak. It's called "a rooted flow", which is akin to the quote by Virginia Woolf, "I am rooted but I flow."

It's a simple thing really. Cory provides us with a concept which have been randomly assigned, in her highly efficient scientific way, to each week for a year. We then respond to that concept visually and with words. Simple but ripe for profound discovery. It's a way for us to connect, to ourselves and to each other. 

She lives on the east coast, I on the west. She had her son in late December 2013; I had mine 8 years ago. She is a scientist; I am an artist. But, we both love the sea, we are both long-time vegetarians, we love our cameras, we seek out the creative as a context in which to live our lives, we think about things in meaningful ways, we seek out an appreciation for the moment, we are supportive and generous, and we love projects. Aren't we lucky we found each other?

I hope you stop by now and again to see what we are up to. You can find us by clicking the link above or here: a rooted flow