New Medium

I'm teaching myself to work/draw/paint/etc on my new iPad. I'm all set up with a stylus (JaJa Hex3) and a paint app (Procreate) - along with the one I idlely played with before the stylus (Paper). 

There has definitely been some rewiring of artistic neural pathways to get my hands to do things in different ways to get the results on the screen that I'm looking for. But, the immediacy of it appeals to my instant gratification (IG) personality. It's also pretty remarkable to be able to mix pastel with marker and oil paint, without contamination or a major mess. That appeals to my IG self too, in that, when I'm done, there's no clean up and I'm on to the next thing. Love that.  

I'm thinking of sharing some of the things I create here, possibly on a regular basis. I really want to call it a didgital painting a day project, but the second I do that, I'll chafe at the expectation and it won't last more than a few days. So, how about you and I both know it's going to be something along those lines, but I won't say it out loud, It will be our secret. Deal? 



Don't expect too terribly much. It's been a very long time since I did any painting at all. And I'm learning to use all this tech still. And, I need to work on my drawing skills. (All of my college professors would be so pissed at my disclaimers. "Never apologise for the work you are presenting.") Sorry professors. =0)