I have been away from a part of myself for quite a long time. But I feel a reunion bubbling up. 

I like to write about what I feel and experience. There's always a little hesitation on my part however, when it comes to writing about the gathering of energy toward a path. Sharing that energy in words seems to dissipate, or dissolve, it. I think that's why a lot of artist often won't show or talk about work until it's finished. Sharing it would destroy it. We need that tension to push us into the compulsion to make/do/create.

Or, some of us do.

I do.

I know that if I don't have that itchy feverish need to get the beauty I feel out of my body and into the world where I can see it, it will probably remain inside, vague and undefined. Looking at other people's work awakens that beauty, sharpens it, engorges it, so that it demands fresh air. At least, it has been lately and I'm so grateful. It's fueling a reunion with part of myself I've missed.

©2016 Rachel Haynes All rights reserved

©2016 Rachel Haynes All rights reserved